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BIK Falling to ZERO % never been a better time to own a company EV

See above link for further details about how you pay no Benefit In Kind tax if your next company car is electric.

Growing your business with an electric vehicle charger

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, amid advances in technology and improvements in infrastructure, businesses might be wondering whether to join the green revolution – and when.

A few years ago, electric vehicles might have seemed like an idealistic, expensive and impractical solution. But times have changed. The Government has committed to zero emissions by 2040 and is moving rapidly towards that goal.

Electric vehicles are now better, cheaper and can travel ever greater distances. Added to that there are now thousands of charge points across the UK. In fact, 2018 was a record year in terms of the number of sales of plug-in and hybrid vehicles.

That said, we are still at the very beginning of the ‘green’ journey and there is more work to do – especially where infrastructure is concerned.

If you’re a small business, you might be wondering whether to take the plunge and install a charge point at your premises.

Here are some of the main benefits and points to consider.

Destination businesses

If you’re a destination business, such as a hotel, restaurant, large retail area, council run car parks, leisure venue or similar, it’s well worth getting an electric vehicle charge point. As all charge points are plotted on a nationwide map, anyone with an electric vehicle will plan their journey according to where they can charge it. If you are the first, or one of only a few in your town, then you have a good chance of securing their custom.

Cost of electric vehicle chargers

While the 30-minute rapid chargers you see at motorway service stations are cost prohibitive for many small businesses, the standard 7.2kw chargers are much more affordable and perfectly adequate.

Most vehicles will require a plug-in of around six hours for full charge on a 7.2kw charger. So if you’re a hotel operator, this is perfect for your overnight stays. In reality though, most people out and about in their electric vehicles will not be running them down to nothing and will not be looking for a full charge. They will be looking to ‘top up’ at points throughout their journey, so places like restaurants, retail outlets and leisure destinations are ideal locations for electric vehicle charging points too.

Installing electric vehicle charge points in council-run public car parks can immediately boost the footfall and economy of a whole town.

Grants for electric vehicle chargers

Businesses can get grant funding towards the cost of their electric vehicle chargers – up to £500 per charger, which in itself can make it a much more attractive proposition. As Government-approved installers, we can source those grants for you. Have a look at our page on grants for electric vehicles or contact one of our advisors to find out more.

Leasing electric vehicle chargers

In addition to grants, there are more potential funding options becoming available all the time and it is now possible to lease chargers and get a commission on the resale of electricity, so you can generate revenue with zero capital cost. It’s well worth exploring some of the tailored solutions available.

Lowering your fleet costs with electric vehicles

All vehicles will eventually have to be zero emission, which means chargers will become a must. An electric fleet brings with it tax benefits and reduced running costs once the infrastructure is in place. For more information on the general benefits of installing electric vehicle charge points for your fleet, read our recent case study on Linak UK.

Corporate social responsibility

Aside from the above, there’s also the boost to your business and its green credentials, which is great for the environment and for your public image. Environmental impact is becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers choosing providers of goods and services.

For more information about electric vehicle charge point installation, contact our expert team of Government-approved installers at The Car Charging Company.