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Mr Electric Electrician Daventry Garden Lighting Advice

Advice on Garden Lighting from Electrician in Daventry Mr Electric

We all know the importance of getting the lighting right in our homes spending ages mixing ambient, task and accent lights perfectly. But have you given much thought to how to light your garden?

Lighting can play an important role in security, creating atmosphere and a practical safety element.

  • Plan!  Take time to understand your space and think about where you’re going to need lighting. Do you have steps? Is there a dedicated seating area to enjoy a late evening G&T? Do you plan on entertaining? Have you got some gorgeous plants you want to highlight?
  • Safety. Don’t go running extension leads from the house to the bottom of your garden to plug in your favourite lamp. Yes, it’s a temporary solution but is it safe?
  • Security. A good deterrent for intruders adding security lighting to the front of the house and any side and back entrances should be considered. Find weak security points in your garden and add a movement activated security light.
  • Positioning. You want to use lighting to highlight your gardens best bits, beautiful plants, window boxes, sculptures or water features. For example to light up a shabby shed.
  • Atmosphere. If you want to create a magical mood in the garden draping fairy lights around entrances or around dining areas create wonderful soft mood lighting.
  • Task.  Don’t  forget task lighting  it when planning your outdoor space. Like barbecuing? Make sure you illuminate the cooking area. Use LED strips under steps to help prevents trips and falls and consider an outdoor lamp or pendant over a dining table.

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