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Car Charger Installation in Smethwick


The business benefits of electric vehicle charging points in the workplace

A market-leading company in electric linear actuating technology has joined the green revolution with the installation of four electric car  charger points at its Smethwick-based offices.

Thanks to a Government grant scheme, accessible through Mr Electric the Car Charging Company, LINAK UK was able to secure £2,000 (almost 25%) towards the cost of the electric vehicle charging point installation.

The company produces intelligent linear actuator technology to improve ergonomics, safety and efficiency for people across the world in a variety of applications including workplaces, hospitals, industrial productions and agriculture.

It currently has four plug-in hybrid cars in its Smethwick fleet which can now all be charged on site.

The work was carried out over three days during which Mr Electric the Car Charging Company installed two Rolec charge posts, each of which features two 7.2kw chargers. Each charger has its own key and can therefore only be used by company employees.

OLEV funding for electric vehicle charging points

As well as qualifying for the grant from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, the installation brought with it a number of benefits for the business.

John Turner, Managing Director of LINAK UK, said: “As an ISO14001 registered company, we are continually looking to lower our carbon footprint and improve our green credentials. We have four plug-in hybrids on our car fleet at present and I am able to drive from home to the office on pure electric power. This is facilitated by a home charge station and now office-based charging too.”

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced employee costs. As HMRC BIK income tax rules are based on the cars’ CO2 level and value, converting to hybrid vehicles provides a considerable saving to employees who drive the hybrid company cars.
  • Reduced business costs. On average the cost of electricity for the company’s plug-in hybrid cars versus fuel is reduced by 50-60% (based on its estimates for the electrical miles used). For pure electric vehicles with a range of 100+ miles, this can be as much as 80% lower. Although LINAK UK doesn’t have any pure electric vehicles at present, this could be a consideration in the future if the electrical range is sufficient.
  • Savings on National Insurance. LINAK UK also makes a saving on the Class 1A fleet costs as this is based on the BIK amount. Employers pay Class 1A National Insurance Contributions on company cars and fuel at 13.8%. As with company car tax, this amount is directly linked to the P11D value and the CO2 emission figure of a vehicle.


Great service on car charger installation in Birmingham

John added: “The service from Mr Electric was exemplary, from advising us on charger options, to explaining the Government grant system, to installation. Every service delivery date was adhered to and the quality of the installation was great.”


The three-day installation involved completing some of the work at the weekend to ensure minimum disruption to the day-to-day operation of the business.

Installation included putting in a new 3-phase isolator, laying 40 metres of cabling for a new dedicated fuse board, which has capacity for additional chargers if required in future, and laying concrete foundations to the charge posts and barriers.

The new posts were then charged and tested before the job was signed off.

To find out more about the benefits of electric vehicle chargers at your business, including quotes and grants, contact our expert advisors at Mr Electric The Car Charging Company