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Consumer Unit – Fuse Board – Leamington Spa

The fuse box probably isn’t something you think about all too often. When you are running a business it will be the last thing on your mind and is never thought about until there is an actual problem and you need to upgrade it.

Maybe your old fuse board is overloading and it is starting to cause issues, or you are just are having some other electrical work done and it needs to comply with the new regulations, or maybe you simply want to upgrade your electrical systems so that it is the safest it could be.

Many amendments have been made to the regulations around consumer units, and most of them are around improving the safety of them. The changes within the 17th Edition include socket outlets up to 20A needing RCD (Residual Current Device) protection.

RCDs protect you from electric shock, as they shut off the power supply as soon as there is a fault, so if you were to accidentally touch a bare wire, it would immediately cut the power so you wouldn’t receive an electric shock. It also has requirements for cables buried in the wall, locations containing a bath or shower and fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings.

The actual consumer boards have RCD protection built into them, and also has requirements to have a division of the installation. This means that, as every circuit will be protected by an RCD, if there was a fault, everything would go off within the home. However, dividing the installation means that if there is a fault, only part of the power supply would be shut off, which is less convenient for you and your business.

Whatever your reason for upgrading your business’ consumer unit to the 17th edition, Mr. Electric of Birmingham can help you. If you are thinking about updating your business’ consumer unit, give us a call!