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Electric Car Charger Installation Erdington

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Electric Car Charging Erdington

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OLEV Grants  

Car Charger Installation electrician Mr Electric can help with filling in the OLEV grant forms as we have successfully completed and obtained many grants over the last year

As of June 2018, there were almost 6,000 electric vehicle charging locations across the UK, offering close to 10,000 charging devices and 16,700 charging connectors. This number continues to rise at a rapid rate, and is being driven by government schemes aimed at boosting electric vehicle usage.

The government is committed to spending more than £600m between 2015 and 2020 on supporting “the uptake and manufacturing of ultra-low-emission vehicles”, with £38m of this going towards public charging points. Through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), it is also offering grants to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to 75% of the installation cost (up to a total of £500) for charging points at domestic properties, while the Workplace Charging Scheme offers up to £500 per socket (up to a maximum of 20 sockets) for commercial properties. This provides a great incentive for homeowners and businesses to make the move to electric vehicles and enjoy the benefits that they provide.

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Growing Demand for Electric Car Charging Points in Birmingham

Mr Electric can fulfill the growing need for car charger installations in Birmingham- As full electric and plug-in hybrid cars are growing in popularity and now come in all shapes and sizes, from two-seater city cars to 4×4 off-roaders. Electric vehicle (EV) technology has developed greatly since the milk float, and as performance and range increases, purchasing an electric vehicle is becoming a very real option for many people.

One of the main benefits of electric vehicles is their environmental credentials. Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electric cars don’t emit any of the gases that contribute to global warming, making them a great choice for anyone who cares about their carbon footprint. As one of 13 members of the Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance, the UK has pledged to make all passenger vehicles sold “zero-emissions” by 2050.

While electric cars are currently more expensive than traditional vehicles, the cost of running them is considerably lower. Depending on tariff, you could pay as little as 96p to fully charge a pure electric car for a 100-mile range. Electric cars are also exempt from road tax and the London Congestion Charge, and are entitled to free parking in numerous Pay & Display areas.

Finally, maintenance costs are generally a lot lower with electric vehicles. This is because an electric motor has less than 20 moving parts, whereas a traditional engine has hundreds, many of which require expensive maintenance over their lifetime.

As demand for environmentally friendly options increases and technology develops, we will undoubtedly see a rise in the number of alternatively fuelled vehicles on our roads. Indeed, it is predicted that EVs will outsell fossil-fuel powered vehicles within two decades as battery prices plunge. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the registration of new cars hit a 12-year high in 2017, and electric vehicles made up a record share of these numbers, with more than 47,000 plug-in cars registered over the course of 2017 in the UK.


Specialists in Charging Point Installation 

As an OLEV-approved installer, Mr. Electric can apply for government grants on behalf of commercial and domestic customers to reduce the costs of installing charging points at homes, workplaces and destinations. Mr. Electric achieved accreditation after undertaking OLEV’s robust training and testing process.

Working with EO Charging and Rolec EV – two of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations – we deliver a full turnkey service to business and homeowners, including free site survey, design, supply, installation, registration, monitoring, billing, smart control, maintenance and future expansion.

Call Mr. Electric on 0121 285 0136 today to arrange a free visit from one of our electric car charging experts who will be able to advise on the installation of charging points at your commercial or domestic property.  

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