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Electrical Testing West Bromwich

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All testing carried out by fully Qualified NICEIC Electricians.

Whether you come from West Bromwich and live near the Hawthorne’s or Guns Village please find advice from Mr Electric regarding EICR Electrical Testing.

1. EICR Electrical Testing EMERGENCY LIGHTING Compliance

There are various laws which require hotel owners to carry out risk assessments and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents, including:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which states that employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees in the workplace.
  • The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which require precautions to be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity used as part of work activities.
  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regularly prosecutes businesses which fail to protect employees from electrical injuries at work.

An EICR Electrical test helps you fulfill your obligations by providing documented proof that your electrics have been thoroughly inspected. This can be crucial in the event of any accidents that are investigated by the HSE.
Electrical safety regulations for businesses are often enforced by local authority inspectors.



2. Electrical Testing is important for Safety

The safety of staff guests and employees should be paramount to any business owner. Regular electrical testing will provide peace of mind that measures have been taken to ensure your business is safe – and it’s difficult to put a price on that.
Injuries and deaths in the workplace are unfortunately all too common, but you can reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fires and accidents by ensuring your electrics are periodically inspected.
This is not to mention the cost of a fire or serious accident which could have been avoided.


3. Electrical Testing can Save money

As well as making sure your electrics are safe, getting an EICR by a fully qualified NICEIC electrician to inspect your installations could even save you money. The EICR tests systems, and identifies faults. It could be, for example, that you have an overloaded circuit, or a piece of equipment that is overheating and is therefore wasting energy and costing you money.
An EICR report can make recommendations for efficiency improvements that you hadn’t thought of or didn’t realise were necessary.


4. Insurance – EICR Certificate will help insurance companies out in the event of a claim

Insurance companies are increasingly requesting that electrical testing is carried out and evidenced on a regular basis as part of your policy agreement. Requirements such as this should be detailed in your policy, so it’s important to make sure you have thoroughly read and understood it.

Whether your insurance will pay out in the event of a claim related to an electrical incident depends on the terms of your policy and whether you have met those terms. This may include being able to prove robust processes for checking your electrics are safe – such as an EICR certificate – and that the incident was therefore unavoidable.


5. Energy efficiency – saving money and doing your bit for the environment

Further to saving money by having equipment that is functioning correctly, a decent EICR company, such as Mr Electric, can also make recommendations for energy efficiency improvements. This could include LED lighting and smart heating solutions which can add up to significant savings across an entire business.
In addition to cutting costs, reducing energy consumption is a great way of boosting your businesses carbon footprint in line with your corporate social responsibility commitments.

At Mr Electric, all our engineers are trained to City & Guilds 2395 Inspection and Testing Level, specifically for the periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations. We have extensive experience when it comes to electrical testing for Restaurants, hotels, B&Bs and factories in fact all business large or small.

For more information about an EICR for hotels, please contact the EICR Testing team



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