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Hotel in Birmingham Car Chargers

From electric car charger Installation Company in Birmingham Mr Electric

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BIK Falling to ZERO % never been a better time to own a company EV

See above link for further details about how you pay no Benefit In Kind tax if your next company car is electric.

If you’re a destination business, such as a hotel, restaurant, large retail area, council run car parks, leisure venue or similar, it’s well worth getting an electric vehicle charge point. As all charge points are plotted on a nationwide map, anyone with an electric vehicle will plan their journey according to where they can charge it. If you are the first, or one of only a few in your town, then you have a good chance of securing their custom.

With 0% BIK for electric vehicles set to start early 2020 more and more company car drivers will be opting for electric cars. These are your customers and they will want to stay in a hotel where they can charge their car. Attract these customers install your car chargers now

Cost of electric vehicle chargers

While the 30-minute rapid chargers you see at motorway service stations are cost prohibitive for many small businesses. These can be leased or even fully funded where the funder pays everything but the money from charging goes to them with a small payment returned to the hotel. the standard 7.2kw chargers are much more affordable and perfectly adequate. These can easily become an income stream

Most vehicles will require a plug-in of around six hours for full charge on a 7.2kw charger. So if you’re a hotel operator, this is perfect for your overnight stays. In reality though, most people out and about in their electric vehicles will not be running them down to nothing and will not be looking for a full charge. They will be looking to ‘top up’ at points throughout their journey, so places like restaurants, retail outlets and leisure destinations are ideal locations for electric vehicle charging points too.

Installing electric vehicle charge points in council-run public car parks can immediately boost the footfall and economy of a whole town.