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Mr Electric Saving Money for Hotels

 Innovative and award-winning new system is transforming the way hotels are heated

Hotels are reaping the rewards of an innovative and award-winning new wireless control system which is transforming the way hotels and guest houses are heated.

The ground-breaking Genius Hub is the only heating control system that can automatically schedule the heating and temperature of individual hotel rooms throughout the day, by learning when and how rooms are used.

The system doesn’t rely on manual programming and can be controlled from the reception desk, or any other location.


Reducing energy costs by almost half

A recent independent study carried out by the University of Strathclyde found that the Genuis heating control system can cut heating costs by up to an astonishing 48% in a domestic setting. In hotels, an independent Government report published for a previous Genius Hub client shows how hotels can save an average of 30%.

It does this by automatically turning down the heat in empty rooms. The Genius Smart Occupancy Detection feature will trigger the heating when a guest arrives. Guests can easily adjust the temperature throughout their stay and the system will automatically reset before the next guest arrives.

Chiseldon House Hotel in Wiltshire is one of the first hotels to take advantage of this truly smart technology, which is unlike anything else available on the market.

The Georgian country house has 21 bedrooms, as well as restaurant and meeting facilities.

Chiseldon House Hotel partners, John and Mark, said: “Before we had the Genius Hub, radiator valves were constantly being adjusted and staff would reset them to 3 after checkout. We were heating a lot of empty rooms.

“With the Genius Hub, we have a solution that offers far more than the competition, at about a quarter of the cost of other commercial systems.“What was most important to us was the ability to be able to control everything from the reception desk, and to quickly respond to an individual guest’s request.

“We have definitely achieved a two-year payback on the total cost of the system, including installation. What’s even more important is that we now have a far more acceptable level of heating throughout the building, and can be responsive to customers. For us, the comfort of our guests comes first, and Genius Hub has definitely improved this.”


Award-winning smart technology

The Genius Hub system is already making great waves in the industry and winning awards for innovation. These include the Techies Consumer Start-up of the Year Award and the edie Environment and Energy (Product Innovation) Award, which praised Genius Hub for taking the heating control system market to an ‘exciting new level’.


Professional installation with zero disruption from trusted Birmingham electricians

Genius Hub has teamed up with installation experts Mr Electric Birmingham North, for professional installations with zero disruption. The wireless technology means the system can be installed with no cables, no holes in walls and no mess.

  • The system works with existing heating systems, whether that’s gas, oil, biomass or heat pumps
  • Once installed, it takes just minutes to set up for the first time and only seconds to adjust
  • Genius Hub takes into account the weather conditions and adjusts room temperature accordingly, including heating a room earlier on cold days to ensure it’s comfortable by the time a guest arrives
  • Genius Hub also records heating history so that all changes in heating usage and potential savings can be monitored
  • Remote control access means it can be controlled wirelessly from a computer, smartphone or tablet using a free app

Mr Electric Birmingham North became an approved installer for Genius Hub after recognising the many benefits to potential customers.

Franchise owner Jeff Longley said: “This is pretty amazing, ground-breaking technology which takes smart heating to the next level. The potential savings for hotels speak for themselves and it’s pretty much a no-brainer. I’m sure all hotels will be heated this way in the future, with no more money being wasted heating empty rooms.

“As Genius Hub is a local firm, based in Birmingham, it seemed only natural that we team up with them and we’re looking forward to helping hotels in the area reap the rewards of this innovative technology.”

Genius Hub founder Alasdair Woodbridge said: “It has been a pleasure working with Mr Electric on the installations of the Genius Hub. They are very knowledgeable about the system and excellent with customers during the installation. Their installers leave no mess and take a lot of pride in their work, which is just the type of partner that we are looking for.

“Being a professional outfit too, they can provide all of the NIC certification required for commercial installations such as hotels.”

More information is available from Mr Electric Birmingham North or Genius Hub.