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OLEV Grants of £500 for Car Charging  Coventry Birmingham

Mr Electric a company you can trust to handle your OLEV grants only employ fully qualified NICEIC electricians who are experts regarding car charger installation

OLEV Grants Coventry info-Mr Electric a Coventry based electrical company has been endorsed as a Government-approved installer of electric car charging points and now assist  and help customers apply for the OLEV grant towards the cost of installation. Mr Electric Coventry can arrange OLEV Grants of £500 towards your installation

Mr Electric Coventry have become one of the first car charger installers who can arrange OLEV Grant in Coventry

As an authorised installer, the company can apply for OLEV grants in Coventry on behalf of domestic and commercial customers to reduce the costs of installing charging points at homes, workplaces and destinations.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to 75% of the installation cost (up to a total of £500) for charging points at domestic properties, while the Workplace Charging Scheme offers up to £300 per socket (up to a maximum of 20 sockets) for commercial properties.

The Government grants are designed to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles, but work has to be carried out by approved installers, using products from approved suppliers.

Mr Electric Birmingham North Coventry achieved accreditation after undertaking OLEV’s robust training and testing process and is now able to install charging points, provided by registered supplier EO Charging – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric vehicle charging stations.

Jeff Longley, Mr Electric Birmingham North Coventry franchise owner, said: “The endorsement by OLEV is great news and the really interesting aspect is that we can apply for the funding on behalf of the customer and deduct it directly from the cost. There are very few charging points in existence at this time, but with new electric cars being produced in ever increasing numbers, that will have to change.

“To claim a grant, you have to use an OLEV-approved installer and we are one of the first in the Midlands to achieve that accreditation. We can apply for the grants on behalf of customers for a simple and cost-effective way of installing charging points at homes and businesses and we would encourage people to take advantage of the funding while it’s available.

“We have teamed up with EO Charging, which is a well-known, established business which is also registered with OLEV to supply the infrastructure for charging points.”

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles is a team working across Government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) and has over £900million to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use.

The Government is driving forward its green transport revolution and this has been further boosted by the recent introduction of the new Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill in Parliament.

A number of measures have been proposed as part of the bill in a £1.2bn investment plan for the industry.

This includes improved access and availability of charge points for electric cars, including points at all UK motorway services and large petrol retailers and new powers for Government to make it compulsory for charge points to be installed.

Introducing the bill, Transport Minister John Hayes, said: “This bill will aid the construction of greater infrastructure to support the growing demand for automated and electric vehicles as we embrace the technology and move into the future.

“Drivers of electric vehicles will be able to easily locate and charge at any charge point, using information from sat navs or mobile apps, regardless of the vehicle make or model – making running an electric vehicle even easier. All charge points will have to be ‘smart’ meaning they can interact with the grid in order to manage demand for electricity across the country.”

Mr Electric’s partnership with EO Charging means it can install and manage electric vehicle charge stations for homes, workplaces and destinations throughout the UK. This includes a full turnkey service, with free site survey, design, installation, registration, monitoring, billing, smart control, maintenance and future expansion.

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