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Car Charger Point Installation Investment


Latest investment to create hundreds of new charge points

The electric revolution is continuing to gain momentum, with almost daily developments around the cars, the technology, or the commitment from Government.

Among the recent announcements, more than £6million has been awarded to 17 local authorities across the UK to support the shift towards cleaner, greener transport.

This particular funding will allow for the installation of more than 300 electric vehicle charge points for ultra-low emission taxis.

The idea is that having the infrastructure in place to facilitate more ultra-low emission taxis will improve air quality in towns and cities across the UK.

While this funding is for charge points for taxis specifically, it’s another step in the road towards a zero-emission future.

Installing electric vehicle charge points for taxis

The £6million investment was announced at the Smart Transport conference by the Future of Mobility Minister. It will pay for almost 300 rapid charge points and 46 fast charge points in 17 areas including Greater Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Leicester and the North East.

It is estimated that more than 800 ultra-low emission black cabs and more than 3,000 ultra-low emission private hire vehicles will benefit.

It represents another milestone in the delivery of the Road to Zero strategy and the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge which aims to create cleaner, greener journeys through continual innovation in this area.

Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister, said: “The Government wants all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. Getting the right infrastructure and investment in place is a crucial part of this. Today’s funding will support almost 4,000 ultra-low emission vehicles across the country. It is a further sign that the UK is making real progress in the transition to greener transport.”

Jeff Longley, of The Car Charging Company, said: “This latest funding announcement is more great news for the industry. As Government-approved installers of electric vehicle charge points, we’ve never been busier, which goes to show that this industry is gaining momentum fast. Every new announcement or commitment from the Government, car manufacturers and providers of the infrastructure, has a great knock-on effect in reaffirming that this is the future.”


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As a Government-approved installer, The Car Charging Company works with a number of approved manufacturers to install high quality and smart electric vehicle charging points and infrastructure across the country.

We can also secure grants towards the cost of your domestic and commercial installs.

To find out more about the benefits of electric vehicle chargers at your business, including quotes and grants, contact our expert advisors at Mr Electric The Car Charging Company.