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Case Study: Langley School Gets LED Fitted

Langley School in Shirley, a secondary school with academy status, recently commissioned an energy-saving LED lighting upgrade project.

Project Overview

In July 2015 Mr. Electric designed and delivered a highly efficient lighting upgrade to Langley Secondary School. All survey work, project specification and funding were undertaken by Mr. Electric and our LED lighting provider at no cost to the school.

Mr. Electric delivered a bespoke upgrade which reduced Langley School’s energy costs greatly. All previous fluorescent lights were replaced with LED lighting, which is more energy efficient, requires less maintenance and has a life expectancy of around 15 years.

LED Lighting Design

Mr. Electric surveyed Langley School, in order to design and propose an extensive upgrade of their inefficient lighting system.

The impact of these technologies was clearly explained – the total energy demand reduction, how much Langley School will save per year and the carbon emission reductions at the School.


Mr. Electric secured industry-leading products at highly competitive prices, and completed the project across school summer-term holiday to reduce disruption to the school.

In summary, Langley Secondary School will benefit from:

  • Savings guaranteed to be more than investment
  • Project payback of around 5 years
  • 100% tax allowance for first year