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Landlord Obligations

We have recently been reminded of the obligation that Landlords have through two examples.

We were recently approached by the owner of an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) who had recently had a fire inspection by the local authority. The inspector insisted that the consumer unit, electrical meter and a PV (photo voltaic) isolator were encapsulated in a plasterboard cupboard such that the electrical equipment was shielded from the tenants and gave 30 minutes of protection to the tenants who would have to walk past the cupboard to exit the building in the unlikely event of fire emanating from the electrical equipment.

Mr Electric Ipswich suggested an alternative of a steel cabinet, these are off the shelf and look so much nicer than a plasterboard construction, they can be bought in various sizes and are invariably finished in an off white gloss finish, they usually have quarter turn catches to allow quick access to the consumer unit, meter etc if required and provided a more cost effective solution to the problem

The box was mounted and finished in a half day and the client was very happy with the resulting look and now has the peace of mind the tenants will be protected from the effects of a fire coming from the electrical gear for long enough to make their escape past the cabinet and through the front door

We had a call only yesterday that a Landlord was asked by a letting agent to provide a Condition Report for his rental property

Your landlord has an obligation to make sure the property is electrically safe – this includes such items as cooker and kettles etc

The only way the Landlord can do this and more importantly prove to others’ (insurers?) he has is by having a qualified electrician test the installation and produce a formal written report, at Mr Electric Ipswich we can do this for you. Our approach is that we will do the inspection and verbally report our findings to you and follow this up with a formal NICEIC report. We can also quote for any emerging work that comes from the inspection that may be needed to make the installation satisfactory

If the property has any electrical appliances installed we can do a safety check/PAT test on these too

Call Mr Electric Ipswich now for advice or a quote for an Electrical Installation Condition Report