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10 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Security with Outdoor Lighting

Why risk your home’s security?

Outdoor lighting can help to warn off the attention of unwanted intruders. Burglars generally look for easy targets that won’t attract attention to them.

A home with outdoor lighting is one of many things you can do to keep your home secure. Below you can read the top 10 tips to boost your home’s security with outdoor lighting.


Tip 1. Plan where your outdoor lighting will appear

When you plan where your outdoor lighting will be placed, make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered. You will want to make sure you cover any large blind spots around your property so there’s nowhere for an intruder to hide.

Also bear in mind the coverage of the lights. To increase what you can see, and reduce the amount of blind spots, several low brightness lights will give you better visibility than a single bright light.


Tip 2. Surround your home with light

Many people only consider the front of the home, because the front garden is all that most people see.

The front of your home is where a burglar is least likely to target.

Your doors and main pathways are the main places to consider. However, make sure all around your home is well lit. Including around your back garden and the sides of your home. Make sure you have good visibility all around your home.

It’s also a smart idea to have your doorways well lit. Not only to scare off intruders but to aid you at night.


Tip 3. Find the perfect position for your lighting

When you consider where to position the lighting around your home, think about the number of lights you’ll need and the coverage these will give you.

Lights that are higher from the ground, shining downwards will light a bigger radius, meaning less blind spots. This will also cause less light pollution as you’ll need fewer lights.

But don’t go too high. The higher the light is, the brighter the light will need to be. Using more energy.


Tip 4. Protect your security lighting

Your security lighting is there to protect your home. But what can you do to protect your security lighting?

Intruders can, and will, cut the power to your lights to help them slip into your home unnoticed. To deter any unwanted attention, make sure your wires are in areas that are harder to tamper with and make sure that any power boxes have their own security lighting.


Tip 5. Introduce a maintenance routine

A lack of maintenance of your security lighting will only make it easier for intruders to get access to your home.

Outdoor lights quickly collect dirt and dust, whilst if bulbs burn out and need replacing, be sure to do so quickly.

Take some time each month to check on and clean your outdoor lights, to keep your home from becoming an easy target for burglars.


Tip 6. Use lighting that actually deters burglars

Homes that use only a few bright lights that are on all night will actually be counterproductive to your home security.

A few bright lights leave shadows and blind spots in the dark. Places to hide, which burglars love!

Plus, if your lights are on all night, your neighbours and passers-by are less likely to notice anything suspicious. Especially if your lights cause glare. If bright lights cause glare in your neighbours’ eyes, they’re more likely to avoid looking at your home.

To overcome this make sure you have proper shielding for your lights. Angle them away from your neighbours’ homes. And place lights higher to spread fewer shadows.


Tip 7. Use white or clear bulbs

Coloured lighting maybe beautiful. And really bring out the appearance of your home. But they’re not too good for security purposes.

Coloured lights distort what people can see, such as the colour of the clothes a burglar is wearing.

White or clear bulbs are much brighter, clearer and are more likely to help any witnesses see the intruder in your home.


Tip 8. Use light triggers

As mentioned in tip 6, lights that are on all the time actually help a burglar.

Motion sensor lights both encourage neighbours and passers-by to take notice of your home if a light comes on and detract a burglar who doesn’t want to attract attention to themselves.

It’s likely when someone tries to sneak into your home they’re going to be on edge. At the first sign of activity from your home, they’re likely to avoid your home through pure fear.


Tip 9. Make yourself difficult to predict

Many burglars will take their time choosing the home they want to target.

They’ll look at all the factors. Including your routine.

If a burglar knows you’re less likely to be home at points of the day or night they’ll make sure to target your home then.

If you don’t want to use motion sensor lighting, using lighting that comes on using a timer gives the impression that you’re home at parts of the day. This can be tweaked and tailored to throw a potential intruder off your routine.


Tip 10. Use lighting that shows off your home’s beauty

A slightly weird tip. But savvy burglars know their way around security lighting. And although it works to fend off unwanted attention. Some burglars will still want to target your home if they think it could be more profitable to themselves.

In this scenario, use lighting that is more than just security.

Some burglars will know their way around safety lighting, but lighting that will help yourself, or show off the appearance of your home, will also double as security lighting that will help you see any intruders approaching.


Stay Safe!

Security lighting can be the difference between your home being targeted by potential burglars and staying safe.

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