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Commercial Standby Generators & UPS

A loss of power can cause huge problems for any business, especially those that depend on the regular use of computers and other electrical devices. If your company is constantly processing large amounts of data or is reliant on telecommunication equipment, having access to an emergency power source is essential. The same applies to hospitals – where a power cut could be fatal for patients on life support – and airports.

Depending on the nature, size and budgets of your business, there are two options available when it comes to emergency power supply: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a standby generator. At Mr. Electric, we can assist with the installation of both systems and provide expert advice on what might be the best solution for your company.

Standby Generators

A commercial standby generator – or backup generator – is a backup electrical system that runs automatically and has the ability to restore electricity within seconds of a power loss. Once power has returned, the electrical load is transferred back to the utility by an automatic ‘transfer switch’, signalling the standby generator to shut off until the next time there’s a power shortage.

Businesses can choose between traditional standby generators or portable generators, which are typically less expensive. However, despite the money that can be saved on portable generators, many businesses still favour standard generators, for a few reasons:

Constant Power Supply

Because standby generators can usually stay connected to your company’s circuitry through the main distribution board, it means they can power up automatically with a transfer switch, or by using a push button as soon as power is lost. However, a portable generator might need to be taken out of storage and fuelled before being connected to the circuitry.

Speedy Transition   

It usually takes between ten and 30 seconds for a standby generator to generate power via an automatic switch – and about the same amount of time with a push button. By adding a USB battery accessory to a standby generator, a business can ensure that the power stays on during the transition to generated power, which might be essential for the preservation of valuable business data on computers, for example.

Power a Whole Business

In most cases, standby generators can provide power to every appliance or room that a business would still need to be on during a power shortage, whether it’s a data centre or air conditioning system. They also operate well in all conditions, meaning their ability to generate power won’t be affected by external elements such as severe weather.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Much like a standby generator, UPS provides backup power to businesses in the event of a power cut, keeping your systems running without interruption and protecting them against power surges. However, because they tend to be powered by a battery, UPS systems can’t supply power for as long as a generator. That being said, they still have a number of benefits for businesses:


While a UPS can only supply power for a limited amount of time, it does offer smaller companies an advantage in terms of cost. A business can typically save thousands of pounds by opting for a portable UPS system over a heavy-duty standby generator, and there is no regular maintenance required. A good quality battery will also help extend the life of a UPS.

Continuous Supply

As the name suggests, a UPS system can provide an uninterruptible supply of power, meaning you’ll still have enough time to save any valuable data stored on computers or hard drives and safely shut down other essential business systems.

Protection from Power Surges

Power surges usually last a fraction of a second, but they still have the potential to completely destroy a company’s electrical devices and appliances. The circuit in a UPS monitors the voltage continuously and will switch to AC power as soon as it senses a surge, protecting your equipment from damage.

If you’re interested in having a standby generator or UPS installed at your commercial premises, give Mr. Electric a call today on 0800 7311 606.

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