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Discussing Saving Energy & Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Hosted by David Brock of Cornish Partnerships,whom set up the platform to help Cornish companies network. Alan Denham the Quality Supervisor at Mr. Electric Cornwall & Plymouth alongside Alasdair Woodbridge Managing Director of  Genius Hub discuss energy saving, solar panels and electric vehicle charge points.  Genius Hub and Mr.Electric Cornwall & Plymouth have built a strong working partnership. Genius Hub survey the prospective commercial or domestic property and order the equipment. Mr.Electric Cornwall & Plymouth do the installation; in order to improve comfort in buildings and save energy through the use of SMART controls. The products available can help everyone save money on their energy bills which we can all agree is a good thing.

Alan continues the discussion around Electric Vehicles, having recently purchased an Electric Vehicle to show the commitment to this sector it was truly eye opening how poor the infrastructure still is in the charging network.  Mr. Electric Cornwall & Plymouth our proud installers of Domestic Electric Vehicle Charge Points and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charge Points and work with a range of suppliers to find the right solutions to suit the customers needs.

Alan explains about how they do want to help large commercial premise. Local businesses can also gain great benefit from installing these chargers.  Cafes, restaurants, shops can benefit from an increase in footfall to their locations by having the charge points installed.  Domestic customers can benefit from having a reduced charge time, with a free site survey available, supply and installation carried out by an approved technician in couldn’t be easier.

Mr. Electric Cornwall & Plymouth were truly grateful to get the opportunity to discuss topics that are important to them. Check out the full video below to see the discussion around these topics and please get in touch to find out more about the products available.

Cornish Partnerships LIVE with Genius Hub, Mr Electric & David Ives Dodman Consulting

Cornish Partnerships LIVE with Genius Hub, Mr Electric & David Ives Dodman Consulting

Posted by Cornish Partnerships on Thursday, 29 November 2018