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Electric Vehicles (EVs) Event at Wadebridge Showground

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail reports from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicate Electric Vehicles (EV) are seeing an upsurge in sales. The sales have increased at a quicker rate this year from last. In fact, Electric Vehicles sales in August 2018 were nearly double compared to August 2017.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes, said: ‘It’s great to see such strong growth in the important electric vehicle market’. The industry reports that due to a lack of infrastructure for EV charging stations, sales are being held back from higher growth. We at Mr. Electric have various options available for both our Commercial and Domestic customers. Businesses that have installed chargers have seen an increase in footfall; customers visit these locations because they have charging points installed. This was recently a significant point in the ITV documentary `What car should I buy’.

EV owners have to choose their routes and pick places to stop based around the network of available chargers. This is particularly significant and beneficial for any business situated on main routes. Destination places such as restaurants, hotels, holiday parks all can benefit. In addition, any location that can attract people to stay for a while and spend money. This the main appeal for installing chargers for many businesses.

The Cornwall New Energy Electric Vehicle Seminar is an Electric Car event where people have the opportunity to learn and try out various EV models. They can learn more about the type of charging options available. Come along to the Wadebridge Showground on Tuesday 18th September. For more information and ticketing, please visit