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Mr. Electric brightens up the day for a distressed Cornish homeowner

Banbury, UK (14 August 2018) –  Mr. Electric, the UK’s leading electrical franchise brand, came to the rescue of a local homeowner in Perranporth, Cornwall, by getting his solar electricity up and running again after the previous solar PV installer had gone bust leaving the customer without warranty and insurance to get it fixed.


Having stopped generating for over four weeks, the homeowner lost out on £200 of energy and needed a new inverter to make the energy usable in the home again.  The inverter is often the most expensive single part of a solar energy system and without this, the solar panels cease to work.


To try and resolve the problem, homeowner Philip Chaney, got in touch with local franchise business, Mr. Electric Cornwall to get advice and a quote to fix the issue.  Chosen from a handful of local electrical firms, Mr. Electric won the work and quickly identified the problem, tracked down the manufacturer of the part and installed the new inverter at the property – saving the customer £1,000 and a new 12 year warranty for the new part.


Philip Chaney is eternally grateful to Mr. Electric, saying: “I have been so impressed with Mr. Electric from their professionalism and expertise right through to their honesty and upfront advice.   I had total trust in Neil, the Mr. Electric electrician, and never felt that he was trying to rip me off –  unlike the other businesses I contacted – and it’s great to have my solar panels back working again, especially with the sunshine we have at the moment.   I would not hesitate to use Mr. Electric again, whether it be for solar energy or any other electrical problem.”


Steve Barlow, Director of Mr. Electric Cornwall, added: “It has been a huge pleasure to help our customer Philip Chaney get back on the grid again.  Sadly there are too many people who have experienced similar incidents with companies who cease trading, but it is unacceptable to not register parts for warranty as it is always the customer who suffers in the end.  Installing solar  energy is a key part of our business in Cornwall so we are delighted to have another happy customer.”


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