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We originally visited Mr. Mason to replace a broken outside light.

Whilst there, he pointed out to our Technician that when the old fuse-board tripped, he could not reach it as it was high up in a cupboard.

So not only did it require upgrading to a modern metal board, with individual RCD protection, it also needed moving to a lower more accessible position.



After a long conversation and listening to what we were told, Mr. Electric advised Mr. Mason  to contact the Royal British Legion, who asked us to submit a quote and then gladly agreed to fund the upgrade for the ex-serviceman from Redruth.


Ed removed the old fuse-board and extended all the circuits in white trunking to the new lower position so he could reach it from his wheelchair when it tripped. Also, by installing an RCBO (individually controlled RCD protected circuits) board, when and if it tripped, he would only use the offending circuit and not all of his power.







With the new fuse-board in place, tested and certified (and installation notification logged with the local council), Mr. Mason now has just what he wanted and needed.

Nothing is impossible, and within reason, we can move/install electric’s where ever you want them.

Need advise for yourself or a friend/family/neighbour, please contact Mr. Electric for a quick, professional job.