By Eloise Evans on 16/03/2016

When leaving your pet home alone, the first thing you'll think of is, "is my pet going to ruin anything whilst I'm out?" Let's face it, cat's love to scratch your sofas, dogs chew up your shoes, and neither care if they go to the toilet on your brand new rug. But do you worry about what is really important? Watch the video below to see what the worst outcome could be from leaving your pets alone in your house.


Yes, sadly, this is the horrible truth. As it says in the video, 60,000 people in the UK have lost a pet in an electrical fire. Your pet could be in danger from chargers that are left unattended. So many replacement chargers are now purchased on the internet because they cost a fraction of the price of a brand, or even off brand replacement. However, these are normally the type of charger to cause an electrical fire as they haven't been tested to our UK standards and are unfortunately not that safe. We hear so many horror stories about cheap chargers and electrical appliances that have been bought that then go on to overheat, electrocute and cause fires, and these are certainly not things you would ever want to happen when you are not in the house. And it's not simply dodgy phone chargers you need to worry about, but many other electrical appliances as well. Over 30,000 domestic fires are accidental. This includes washing machines and tumble dryers being left on whilst out or asleep, the misuse of electrical appliances or even faulty leads in fridge freezers.

These things do happen and we all need to be aware of them and take the correct precautions when leaving things plugged in or switched on. If you can, switch it off, even better if you can unplug it as well. It's not always feasible to do this with things such as your fridge or freezer, but if you buy things off the internet, make sure they are the real deal. If you buy anything off a bargain website because it saves you some money, you may be risking everything. Also, don't leave things on that don't need to be - your washing can wait until you get home, and if you have left your device at home, it doesn't need to be charged whilst you're not there, switch it off! 

Another way to avoid danger is by simply buying from official retailers. With dangerous counterfeits being readily available through online retail marketplaces. From an investigation undertaken by the charity Electrical Safety First, they found that 85% of people purchasing items from Amazon Marketplace felt confident in what they were buying, even though this is one of the websites in which you would find this type of counterfeit. The best choice is to simply buy from the official retailer. With a lot of fakes now being sold only a little less than the original price, and also being made to look exactly like the original product, being sold with images from the original retailers site and fake official safety marks, it is now almost impossible to spot counterfeits being sold. It's best not to chance it and simply buy from the actual retailer. If you are to still to buy from retail marketplaces, Electrical Safety First has made a list of ten top tips to help you spot fakes when shopping online - link below.

Even if you don't own a pet, if you aren't aware of an electrical fire that has started whilst you are not in the house, that could mean all of your possessions and your entire house is potentially in danger - that includes your photo albums and sentimental objects that are irreplaceable. These things can never be brought back after a fire, plus having to repair the damage on your house, imagine having to deal with the death of a family pet. It is simply best not to chance it. Don't be that person who says, "it'll never happen to me," because what if it does? Switch off, unplug and make sure the items you have are the real deal and are safe to use!

If you need any advice about any of the products you have purchased online or you are worried about any of your electrical appliances, do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Electric. Give us a call on 0800 7311 606.



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