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5 easy ways smart heating controls give you a cosier home

Let’s be straight. Smart heating controls work.

Almost immediately they can make your life easier. And give you a bigger bank balance.

This blog examines the 5 most popular ways our customers say smart heating makes a difference to day-to-day life.


Smart Heating Tip Number 1: Control your heating from anywhere

Program your smart thermostat from an app on your phone when you expect to be home early. Or from your laptop if you’re home late. Or from any other piece of technology connected to your smart thermostat.

And when you settle down at the end of the day. Curled up on the sofa. Changing the temperature without having to move more than your fingertips. Bliss.


Smart Heating Tip Number 2: Easy to use

Smart thermostats are really easy to use. With a quick set up, easy to follow instructions and an intuitive brain that learns your behaviour. Soon, and honestly it won’t take long, a smart thermostat will become part of your family and your lifestyle that you couldn’t imagine being without.


Smart Heating Tip Number 3: Quick to install

If you use an electrician that understands smart thermostats, cough… local electrician… cough…, an installation is usually complete in under an hour. About the right time to have a cup of tea and a chat. Ours is milk with two sugars please.


Smart Heating Tip Number 4: Your thermostat learns around you

Thanks to smart technology your heating will learn your family’s behaviour. How you like the heating when you wake up in the morning. Or if you have teenagers, wake up at lunchtime.

In fact some smartphone apps work with your boiler to know when you leave work or are close to your home. Imagine. Your phone automatically turns on your heating. To know your home is perfect temperature before you even open the door.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?


Smart Heating Tip Number 5: Energy bills stay down

By only using energy when you need it, you no longer have to worry about your boiler being on when you’re not at home, or about rising energy prices giving you an unexpected bill.

Once your installation is done you will almost immediately start seeing savings to your bottom line.


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