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British Awkwardness Could Be Putting You In Danger!

Research from charity Electrical Safety First showed that 18 million Brits are too embarrassed to ask for proof that our electrician is registered to do work in our homes.

This question was the third most awkward to ask, only to be beaten by asking your boss for a pay rise, and asking a queue jumper to get to the back of the line.

Even though a majority of people say that they use registered tradespeople, but only one in five of us actually asks for proof to say that they are registered. Unregistered electricians can leave you, your family and your home in serious danger, so it is really important to make sure they are the real deal and know what they are doing!

Electrical Safety First are concerned by these figures and worry about the safety of Brits that don’t want to, don’t know how or don’t know they need to ask to see their electrician’s identity badge. 350,000 people each year are seriously injured by electricity, and if you couple that with deaths and fires, it is a pretty big problem.

Electrical Safety First and Grant Harold, also known as The Royal Butler and Britain’s Etiquette Expert banded together to try and help us in this awkward situation and keep our homes and families safe.

“The British are renowned for being overly apologetic and avoiding awkward situations, but sometimes they can be too polite for their own good,” Grant commented. “It’s ridiculous to worry about offending a professional by asking for proof of their qualifications. There is nothing wrong with being direct in these situations and decorum certainly does not prevent you from politely asking questions like these. Shying away to prevent embarrassment now could put your home and family at risk, and asking this ‘awkward’ question might be the differences between life and death.”

Electrical Safety First’s Director General, Phil Buckle says: “There are far more embarrassing things in life than asking if your electrician is registered, but it seems that British awkwardness is a real barrier for some when it comes to checking their electrician is safe to carry out work on their property.”

To help us with our British awkwardness, Electrical Safety First has created a video to explore it a little and another video to show the importance of using registered electricians, so check them out, it might save your life!

With Mr. Electric®, you never have to worry about us not being registered as all of our locations are NICEIC registered and all electricians are 17th Edition Level trained! You can count on us to look after your home and sort any issues out for you!

Post Source: Electrical Safety First