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Proper Generator Maintenance

Your generator is the piece of machinery that provides peace of mind during weather emergencies, accidents and blackouts. It’s your generator’s job to take care of you and your loved ones, but it’s your job to take care of your generator!

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your generator performs well when you need it. Giving your generator adequate attention is also necessary in preventing damage to your machine as well as injuries to the operator. Check out these tips on properly maintaining your generator:

  • Don’t neglect the manual – It’s easy to throw the owner’s manual to the side, especially when you’re in “crisis mode.” Invest some time in getting to know your generator before you need to use it. Familiarize yourself with the features specific to your machine. Keep your manual in a safe space for future reference.
  • Refrain from backfeeding – Not only is backfeeding dangerous – it’s actually illegal. Avoid the temptation to “backfeed” power into your home through double-ended power cords. Instead, try installing a transfer switch.
  • Keep it filled – If your generator runs out of gas while still in use, the magnetic field from the generator coils can be drained, causing damage to the machine. Always keep your gas tank filled to avoid paying to have these coils regenerated.
  • Check the “insides” – Essential “insides” like oil, spark plugs and air filters will run low and experience wear over time. Monitor these components of your generator and replace them as necessary.

Following these maintenance tips will ensure that your generator is ready to care for your family during your next power outage. If you need additional help with your generator, a friendly Mr. Electric technician is happy to help.