IceCOLD is a break through technology and
exclusive to Mr. Electric.  IceCOLD is compatible with almost all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment 

Companies such as McDonalds, Siemens and Pizza hut are all benefitting from significant energy savings by treating their refrigeration units with IceCOLD. To find out how IceCOLD could save you money call 0800 7311 606, or click below to take a free no obligation survey.


What Is IceCOLD®?

IceCOLD is a breakthrough synthetic catalyst which is added to your cooling system’s refrigerant.  Once IceCOLD is added it gets to work straight away.  IceCOLD removes any built up oil fouling, improves lubricity and lowers the temperature of the vent air, meaning your system runs less, which extends the air conditioning system's life.  


What does IceCOLD® do?
  • IceCOLD removes oil-fouling,
  • Improves coil heat transfer
  • IceCOLD improves lubricity within the system by as much as 54%





IceCOLD restores the heat transfer efficiency that can be lost due to oil-fouling.  One application of IceCOLD can completely remove oil fouling from a system (which builds up like plaque on teeth). This absence of oil fouling improves the systems efficiency by 20% - 30%. To find out how much IceCOLD could save your business take the free no obligation survey or if you'd like to discover more about IceCOLD click here