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Businesses We Have Worked With – Heat Genius

We carry out installations for heat Genius the best energy saving product on the market!

Control Every RoomThe Genius Hub system allows you to reduce energy consumption by only heating each room of the building when it is needed. Whether you’re running a Bed & Breakfast, a small hotel or a guest house, using tools like the Genius Hub will reduce your energy bills, save you money in the long run, and will help provide your customers with a much better service.

With the Smart Occupancy Detection in every room, the heating and occupancy can be monitored remotely and sensors can trigger the heating automatically. Great customer service is the priority for every hotel or guesthouse owner and with the Genius Hub system, rooms can be monitored to see if they are at a comfortable temperature or whether guests have checked out. Each day the rooms are reset back to a standard temperature, ensuring that each new guest always enters a room at a temperature suited to them.

Turning the heating off in unused rooms could help you reduce the energy usage in your hotel up to 40% (source: Travelodge) 

Control your hotel’s heating from reception at the click of a button. Set temperatures in individual rooms and schedule when you want your radiators to switch on and off.