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Electrical Safety Test for House Buyers

When Buying a house, insist on an Electrical Certificate

Electrical Safety

66% of home buyers do not check the electrics when purchasing a property.

There is no legal requirement to provide the buyer with an Electrical Safety certificate. British Standard (BS) 7671 recommends that a domestic dwellings wiring installation is tested & inspected every 10 years or when their is a change of ownership. The buyer is responsible for insisting on an electrical certificate, rather than the seller. The buyer is not often prompted by the solicitor or estate agent to have an Electrical Safety certificate.

The solicitor isn’t always going to prompt the buyer to insist on an Electrical Safety certificate, as it isn’t a legal requirement and its an extra bit of documentation which could potentially hold up the sale of the property.

The estate agent is also not interested, as yet again its time and effort which could hold up the sale of the property. The estate agent may also have to accompany the electrician for the duration of the test, which can be a hindrance to the estate agent.

The Electrical Safety Certificate is actually called an Electrical Installation Condition Report, which involves the following:

The property is visually inspected for anything that doesn’t comply with the regulations, including in the loft. Its a non invasive inspection, thus resulting in little to no damage to paint work. Plug sockets and light switches front covers may be removed in order to inspect them.
Every circuit is tested to gain test results, which are recorded on the schedule of test results. The majority of test results can be gained without turning of the power. The power does need to be turned of to gain some of the test results, probably for a maximum period of an hour depending on the size of the house.
The consumer unit (electric box) is extensively inspected and tested.
A full test of the actual wiring is conducted to check the condition of the wiring, this test will also determine if a rewire is required.
All safety features are inspected and tested to check whether they conform to the regulations. The earthing system and RCD operation are checked as these are the features that are going to protect you from an electric shock and risk of fire.
The Electrical Installation Condition Report should come with a covering letter explaining in plain English the state of the electrics and if the electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition or not.
Are you willing to the risk not to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report conducted on your property purchase?

For more guidance on Electrical Installation Condition Report Explained

The reasons why home buyers don’t bother with a Electrical Certificate.

No legal requirement, therefore estate agent and conveyancing solicitor are not interested in a suggesting this to the home buyer.
The home buyer may not be aware of what is actually involved or covered in the test & inspection carried out.
The home buyer may be under the impression that they wont be worth it, possible to expensive.
The inconvenience to the seller and the fact the power has to be turned of at some point.
The inconvenience to the estate agent, whom I must add makes a healthy sum of money from the house purchase.
Remedial works to put things right may be expensive and time consuming.

Rewires are expensive, time consuming and its not recommended to live in the house when this is being undertaken. You will also have to redecorate afterwards.

How can Mr Electric help & what service we provide?
Mr Electric are extremely flexible and will contact your estate agent on your behalf to arrange a time and date to conduct the inspection.
Once the inspection has occurred the report will be completed within 2 working days and include an easy to understand covering letter, explaining all aspects of the technical report.
Can you afford not to have an Electrical Safety Certificate?

Of course you can always negotiate the cost of any work with the seller. Last thing you want is to buy a house then find you have a bill for thousands of pounds for a rewire plus redecorating throughout.

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